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The Pipe and the Pulpit

The Pipe and the Pulpit

"The Pipe and the Pulpit" tells the true story of an addicted, inner-city, highly educated pastor who got caught up in alcohol and cocaine abuse, but found hope and deliverance through a tried and proven way.  This book is for the addicted and their families, especially in the church, who want help.  Fasten your traditional religious seatbelt for the non-traditional Spiritual ride of your life for deliverance.  There is Hope for you!

  • Special Offer !!

    Select "Single Book" to get "The Pipe and the Pulpit" for the regular price.


    Select "Both Books Package" to get "Beyond the Pipe and the Pulpit" and "The Pipe and the Pulpit" for the special price of $25.00.

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